About I Tip

1. What Are I Tip Hair Extensions? 

I Tips are a form of permanent, individual hair extensions, meaning the hair is applied strand by strand rather than in wide wefts. Each strand is topped with a keratin tip that is clamped to the natural hair using micro rings or copper tubes, this gentle method requires zero heat or glue so it is less damaging to the hair. As this is a permanent extension method the I-Tips can stay attached to the hair for many weeks before needing to be removed or replaced. I-Tips Hair Extensions are perfect for add both length and volume to fine, average or thick hair types, they are also used to add highlights and flashes of colour.

2.How To Put In I Tip Hair Extensions?

As with all professional, I tip hair extensions they should only be applied by a trained stylist. Not only will this give you the perfect finish, it will also prevent any damage being done to your own hair or hair extensions. If you want to learn how to? we advise you to check youtube channel for more.

3.How Long Does I Tips Hair Extensions Last?

As with most quality hair extensions, I-tip extensions need to be removed and reapplied about every 6-8 months. Because natural hair grows, if you leave extensions in without reapplication, the extensions will grow too far from the hair's base which can lead to matting. A great benefit of I-Tip extensions is that they can be re-used again and again as long as the condition is well kept and this makes them a great cost-effective method as you do not need to buy new hair every 6-8 weeks. Most customers will get 3 -5repositions out of our I-tip hair as they are made from 100% virgin human hair with cuticle intact.

4.How Many I-Tip Hair Extensions Do I Need?

Each I-tip strand is about one gram of hair and each pack of hair contains 100 strands, so about 100 grams of hair. If you're looking to add length and volume to your hair, you will probably need around 160-200 strands of hair. If you're just concerned about volume, you can get away with as little as a single pack of hair.

5.Can I Color Or Bleach My I Tip Hair Extensions?

You may color bleach your i tip hair extensions, because they are 100% virgin human hair. But we do not recommend bleaching hair that already been dyed at our manufacture, and forcing bleach on hair that has already been dyed can be difficult.

If you truly want to bleach your i tip extensions, please consider our virgin hair with natural color (can be bleached to any colors).  If you would like to dye your hair already color treated, please do for a lighter set to dye darker, rather than a darker set to bleach lighter.

And please be reminded that never try to dye the set yourself at home. Get yourself a professional hair colorist, ideally, someone who has had previous experience working with hair extensions. Test a small piece first before you decide to dye the extensions is always recommended.