Everyone wants to buy quality hair no matter you are a hair seller or you buy hair for individual use, but it really takes your efforts to find a trustworthy supplier among too many hair companies in China and you even don’t know what is  the difference between hair grades.  This is significant question you need to learn about before you enter hair business.

5A: Been Processed with acid bath, cuticles toward to different directions, so after acid bath processed, cuticles will be disappeared, which leads hair “no tangle” for a short time, probably 3 months with proper care. and more short hair mixed in the hair bundles.  So we call it Non-remy hair.

6A: 100% Pure Virgin Remy hair without any chemical processed, the cuticles toward to the same direction. and 6a hair keep its natural shine, no tangle and no shedding for sure, and hair can be dyed and re-styled. we can use 6a hair for a very long time. For 6a hair, we have grade 6a, 6a+, and 6a++.  all hair quality are the same.  but the thickness is not the same at the bottom of the hair bundles.

7a: 100% Pure virgin remy hair from a SINGLE donor, cuticles are in the same direction, single donor hair is very rare, so the price is big high, not every people can accept this price.

8A: 100% Pure virgin remy hair from a single donor, but quality is better than 7a, this is because some people’s hair are really top quality

Note: every company has their own quality standard for hair grades, some hair companies rate low quality hair as high grade for selling(use 5a hair instead of 6a hair ) . This is why you can see a lot of unbelievable prices, the other possibility of price such low is that some companies mix animal hair and synthetic hair with real human hair together, so the price is Really attractive to buyers, but this will ruin your business.

We have been doing hair business for more than 10 years, according to our experiences, 6A hair is the most popular and hot selling grade, and 6a hair fits all market demand no matter where your clients are. And most significantly is price is very good, you can leave more profit for your business.

When you are looking for a hair supplier, never just look at price,  you must know Aliexpress, every day there have a lot of stores get shut down by Chinese admin department  this is because of the poor quality with bad reviews(Most of Aliexpress seller sell very poor quality with very good price).  So if you sell 5a hair all the time, you will get complains from your clients, you will be suffering a lot, then you turn to start better quality hair, i think that your buyer will not believe you again because you already ruined your business at the start.  So we would advise to get started your hair business with 6a grade.( we have 6a, 6a+ and 6a++ available), we truly believe with our advise and hair, your business will be booming.

We analyze hair market every year, 6a will be the trend use in the future, so we have been producing a lot of Inventory for our clients , so our clients can buy whatever quantity they need. and with our fast shipping system, your clients will get hair very soon.

Based on above all factors, 6A hair will be your first selection to begin.  So just think about your business plan, 5a is also good quality but just for low class market, 6A hair is good quality and suitable for all of hair market. 7A and 8A hair is suitable for high class market.




14Dec 2017

If you get any plan of coming China for finding a reliable hair supplier, we highly welcome you to visit our big warehouse, so you will see what is real one stop shopping for your wholesale hair, you will also get the best price for your order. Every month we will have some new clients […]

01Dec 2017

Lets see right here, 80 bundles 8a virgin human hair and 80 bundles 10a virgin human hair, with 40 bundles color 613# blond hair weaves, those are  for one of our clients from United States, her market is focus on high class market, so after her sample order, she is in love with our hair […]