This is a hot season for hair market, and we are getting a lot of orders every day especially USA market.

So a lot of clients get started to stock hairs for their clients. All right , if you guys ready doing business for hair, just prepare some hair. But why? We have some wholesale clients who experienced uncontrollable delivery delay, which make their clients mad, and they have to deal with those mad clients.

Uploaded pictures are taken while calculating hair quantity for ONE of my clients. and with our fast delivery, she will get this order within 2 days.

So check out your stock status and show us a purchasing list for your hair. we will send out your order right away, and if your purchasing quantity is large than stock we have. Please also tell us in advance because as a wholesale hair factory we also need time to process your order if we don’t have that much hair.

Thank you for watching this article, see you soon with my next writing.

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