Generally speaking hair weave is becoming more and more popular, and it could be an replacement of your own hair. cos its more healthy than dying or heating your own hair. Every corn has two sides, so you have to take hair in a proper way, today we are gonna talk about most important care ” washing hair”. Once you wear hair extension, you need to wash it at least every one week, and if you don’t wash it in a right way, your extension would lost shinning, color and not stay the hair style shape. Also could become very dry and get tangled. Ayhair will tell you the best way.

See right here for steps:

1st: Prepare a bottle of Shampoo and hair Conditioner. (PS: It does not to be very expensive, but good quality with pH BALANCED FUNCTION)

Step for washing hair (6)


2ND: Use comb to make hair towards one direction.

Step for washing hair (5)

3rd: Take some shampoo to get hair wet with your finger very softly. (Do not grab hair very strongly  like to way you wash your own hair. sure hair is not tangled while being cleaned.

Step for washing hair (1)

4th: Use hair conditioner. like step 3. remember very gently to do. Then use water to clean it up completely.

Step for washing hair (2)


5th: Then put your hair in a good place and let hair dry itself.

Step for washing hair (3)

6th: You can make your extension any hair texture(style) your want.

Step for washing hair (4)