LISA is  just an ordinary white-collar officer from United States,  she Loves hair extension so much because it can bring Lisa and other people a big surprise  other after she installed her extensions.

From hair piece TAPE IN / FUSION HAIR to HAIR  Weaves and lace wigs whole wig LACE WIGS, now she has been very professional about all hair products.

In fact LISA has very long hair, but she has done a lot hair heat, hair coloring, so her hair got a lot of damaged. So the first function of hair extension that Lisa thinks of is to protect her hair, on the other hand, Lisa become more confident with different new hair styles.

Lisa Said: ” I have tried many kinds of hair products since my high school, the reason is that i had to pay a lot of money if i go to Salon for my hair style, so i tried to find hair company from China, and takes a lot of time to meet Ayhair, at first its hard to trust this company, cos i got a lot bad hair from china.  But i really can feel Tim’s sincerity(my sale assistant) , so i tried one time, and i felt really happy with the quality, after that, i keep buying from this company and it always gives me surprise.

Later than that, Lisa found that there had a very big demand for hair in local place. so she decided to build up a hair store focus on middle class clients. So under our professional wholesale virgin hair experience, we took 1 months to plan on everything, and she get her store opened last month.  congratulations!!!   IMG_20150323_105909

Every thing has a difficult start, you should be brave and get move on for your thoughts. Never hesitate Too long, otherwise you will lose a lot of market chance and other people will be front of you.