There are a lot of clients who are very interested in virgin hair business, but they don’t know how to get started, so if possible you could come to China and let us know, we will show your around REAL HAIR CITY, and show our strengths of our factory, you can a great variety of hair products with different quality, such as hair weaves, hair closures and lace frontals, and lace wigs, you could also see many kind of custom hair products from our wholesale clients. meantime we can talk about more about hair and tell you How to start hair weave extensions business.

With my Sweden Clients in our factory

With my Sweden Client in our factory

Purchasing online from sellers around the world could be a hard job as scams occur occasionally. Take a United Kingdom client Peter as an instance, while trying to find wholesale hair extensions manufacture in China and make bulk hair orders, he was tricked by briefcase companies in Guangzhou city . Consequently his partner Leo contacted us, and I told him honestly that there has no factory in Guangzhou and if he would like to visit hair extensions stores, he could go to Guangzhou(trading companies buy hair from our city);and if he wants to find real hair products manufactures, he could go to Qingdao,which is where our factory located. Eventually Peter came to see us and he had a very good time in it. Actually, I was surprised that he intends to sell hair in his country,where people do not purchase from internet. Peter is a rather series man and I like to do business with people like him for cautiousness is crucial in this field. Finally, impressed by the quality of our products, he bought 32 bundles of virgin hair weaves as a trail order.

Our Sweden customer

Meet my a wholesale client from USA

Thus if you have a plan to come China for buying hair from us, that will be wonderful you can call us if it is convenient for you. You can buy whatever hair you want from our warehouse. Here is my cell:+86 15562089866.

As large quantities of citizens are getting involved in wholesale hair extension business and quality of commodities are assorted, it is very important for you to find a wholesaler you trust in making orders and so forth.

our Spanish Customers

With My Spanish clients in hair exhibition

There has a good deal of chances and potentials in hair extension business.Thus for those who love to initiate it and to try trail orders, you can just buy a few bundles from our stock items, then show our hair to your clients for evaluation, we believe that you will find out our hair extensions satisfying. Generally speaking we can ship your order within 24 hours once payment confirmed payment. In this way it could decrease turn around time and lead clients selling hair quicker.

with my client in USA

With my client in USA


I am going to tell their stories about them if you would like to listen, contact us soon, thanks for watching my article.



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