Lets see right here, 80 bundles 8a virgin human hair and 80 bundles 10a virgin human hair, with 40 bundles color 613# blond hair weaves, those are  for one of our clients from United States, her market is focus on high class market, so after her sample order, she is in love with our hair and she decided to open a hair store in her local place.

After a week then, she just placed this order as we showed, again, she is only doing high class hair products this is because there has too many competitors selling middle class products.


So if you guys are looking for one stop wholesale hair factory, we will be your biggest business supporter.

Lace closure, lace frontal, hair weave, lace wigs, clip in, 360 frontals and 360 lace wigs, tape in hair, I tip and U tip hair extensions etc, most importantly , we have all them in stock, and all them in different quality and colors in stock.

Ending here, lets just get started to talk about your hair business, trust us ,you will love our hair for sure.



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  1. Im looking for hair that I can use to start up my hair business.

  2. i need hair as well to start my business

  3. Hello I’m interested in purchasing your hair For My Business.

  4. I’m looking to start a business


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